Intercoastal Mortgage Company and Walker Title

Van Metre offers the attention and personalized service that only a locally based homebuilder can, yet balances that with the financial resources and affiliations that one typically only finds with large (and impersonal) national homebuilders. Specifically, Van Metre offers “one-stop shopping” that includes full mortgage lending services, through our wholly owned subsidiary, Intercoastal Mortgage Company, and in-house title and settlement services through our preferred partnership with Walker Title, LLC.

Through Intercoastal Mortgage, buyers not only have access to the most competitive rates and loan products in the market, they enjoy the ease of arranging financing through, essentially, the same source as their new home, streamlining the process greatly. Another benefit is that Intercoastal Mortgage has direct access to Van Metre Homes’ construction scheduling, allowing Intercoastal to very precisely time transactions like rate lock-ins. Van Metre even includes complete in-house title and settlement services through Walker Title, one of the largest locally owned title agency and settlement company in the Washington, DC metro area, expands the “one-stop shop” convenience for homebuyers. Again, while this “under one roof” simplicity benefits all Van Metre buyers, it is most helpful for first-time buyers who seek the simplest purchase process possible.